We are continuously developing membrum, below you can see what we have in store for the next year.

Q4 -2023 : Events

With our events section, you can now create events with registration (and optional payment), allowing your members to sign up directly from your website.

As always, our features come with a plugin for Umbraco, so you can easily showcase your events in your own design. The WordPress plugin will be available in Q1 2024.

Q4 - 2023 : Improved Rights Management

With our enhanced rights management, as an administrator, you now have the ability to choose who can send messages to members and who can create invoices.

The idea for this feature came from one of our customers, and we believe it makes sense for others as well. Remember, you can also submit requests, and if we find them reasonable, we'll consider implementing them.

Q1 - 2024 : PensoPay

Membrum currently supports Quickpay and Stripe as payment gateways. In January 2024, we will introduce our integration with PensoPay, allowing you to use them as a payment gateway.

Q1 - 2024 : Nets Payment Gateway

We will be supporting Nets' payment gateway (Nets Checkout) in release 24.1. This allows you to easily use your existing agreement with Nets.

Q2 - 2024 : Workflows

In Membrum, we already have predefined workflows, such as sending a welcome email when a member joins, etc. From March, you will have the ability to create your own workflows. For example, you can set up a workflow to send an email to the bookkeeper when a member joins, or trigger a Zapier flow when a member starts/stops/is invoiced.

We are starting gradually with integration to Zapier and emails, allowing you to specify what actions should be taken. We will post a video with an explanation of the feature when we have finished developing it in December.

Q2 - 2024 : Integration to Dinero

In 2024, we ensure that membrum seamlessly integrates with Dinero! If your association uses Dinero, we will be able to integrate with it, allowing you to easily manage membership payments and event registrations directly from the membrum platform.