You Can Easily Communicate with Your Members Through SMS, Email, and Newsletters.

You can send messages to a single member, a group of members, or all your members at once. Our platform makes it easy to communicate with and inform your members about important events and updates.

We also offer a smart feature where you can receive copies of members' emails. So, if a member's email is, for example, [email protected], we automatically link incoming messages to the member. This way, you have the entire communication trail gathered in one place, making it easy to see which emails, payments, invoices, etc., the member has received.

Communication via Email

It can be a challenge to send emails to many recipients, as many providers have spam filters that remove unwanted emails. At Membrum, we use SendGrid* to send emails, ensuring high delivery reliability every time you send an email. You can confidently rely on your emails reaching recipients without any issues.

You can send emails to individual members, all members, or specific member groups. This allows you to communicate efficiently and personally with your target audiences.

*SendGrid is a system to ensure emails are sent correctly and securely without ending up in spam.