Choosing the Right Payment Gateway & Acquiring Agreement for Your Association.

When your association needs to handle online payments, it may seem like a challenging task. But fear not, it's not as complicated as it may sound.

However, there are some requirements to meet when you want to receive online payments. In this article, we will try to make the process understandable for you, and if necessary, we're happy to provide personal advice on the best choice for your association.

To receive online payments, you need an agreement with a payment gateway and an acquiring agreement. Here are three good options:

  • Stripe: A solution where the payment gateway and acquiring agreement are combined. Quick and easy to set up.
  • Nets eller PensoPay: Solutions that offer both payment gateway and acquiring agreement in one.
  • Quickpay og Clearhaus: A solution with a separate payment gateway (e.g., Quickpay) and acquiring agreement (e.g., Clearhaus).

There are pros and cons to all solutions, depending on the number of your members. However, we support all three combinations and recommend the most economically favorable solution for your association. We are also working on a calculator to make it even easier for you.

The prices for the solutions change regularly; for current rates (updated on October 5, 2023), see below:

Payment Gateway Price per month Price per transaction Acquirer Acquirer Price INP Link
Stripe 0 DKK 1,8 DKK Stripe 0 DKK 1,8% Stripe prices
Nets     Nets     Contakt Nets for prices
PensoPay 0-149 DKK 0-4 DKK PensoPay 0 DKK 1,25% PensoPay prices
QuickPay 99 DKK 0,25 DKK       QuickPay prices
       Clearhaus 0 DKK  1,45% Clearhaus prices


Here, we will provide you with a brief explanation of what a payment gateway and an acquiring agreement are. If you need further guidance or have questions, feel free to contact us. We are here to make the entire process easy and understandable for you.

Managing online payments doesn't have to be complex.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is the service that handles the payment process for online transactions. It acts as a link between your website and your financial institution (acquirer).

When a member makes an online payment, the payment gateway ensures that payment information is securely transferred from your website to the acquirer and back, with approval or rejection. This not only makes online payments easy but also secure and efficient.

In short, the payment gateway is the crucial link between your website, membership system, and the acquirer, enabling your association to accept payments reliably.

Acquiring Agreement

Once you have a payment gateway in place, the next step is to establish an acquiring agreement. This agreement is the contract that connects your association to a financial institution, also known as an acquirer (e.g., Nets, Clearhaus).

The acquirer facilitates the transaction by receiving payment information from the payment gateway, conducting security checks, and then transferring approved funds to your association's bank account.

As compensation for this service, the acquirer often charges fixed fees and a percentage of the completed transaction value. The acquiring agreement defines terms, fees, responsibilities, and other aspects of this crucial payment collaboration.

With us, we ensure that this process is transparent and tailored to the needs of your association, allowing you to focus on what you do best.