Get Membrum's Features Directly on Your Website in Minutes.

The team behind Membrum has a solid background in developing Umbraco solutions. That's why it was natural for us to create an off-the-shelf solution that seamlessly integrates with Umbraco. If you already have an existing Umbraco solution, you don't need to worry about complex changes to benefit from our membership features, event registrations, and more directly on your website.

In fact, it's so simple that you can install a package directly from the Umbraco Marketplace and be ready to use within minutes. Please note that if you have dedicated individuals maintaining your solution, it is recommended that they install the package via NuGet for a more seamless integration.


Setting up Umbraco Membership Form

Setting up Umbraco after installing the package from Membrum is incredibly simple. You just insert the headings that make the most sense for you. After that, you have the option to choose whether the form should belong to a specific member group or be general.

A specific member group can be relevant, for example, when creating local divisions. Whereas it may make sense on the general membership form to omit choosing a specific local division. We've made it as easy as possible, so you can customize it to your needs without any hassle.

Result on the website

When the membership form is set up in Umbraco, it looks something like this. The form automatically adapts to your existing design, and if there is a need for changes, it can be easily done by editing the partial view that comes with the membrum package. We've made it easy so that you can customize the form exactly as you want without hassle.